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Foundation Dusko Jovanovic

Article 1.

Vojin Jovanovic, with the authorized representative, his mother Slavica Jovanovic , in order to honor the memory of the character and work of his early died father, with the wish to be a fighter as his father was the symbol of fight and justice in a difficult period in history, establishes a foundation named:

(Hereinafter foundation)

Residence and the address of the Foundation are in Podgorica, no. 32. Jerevanska St.

Article 2.

The Foundation is a non profit organization, its work is public and it is established for an unlimited period of time..

Article 3.

The activities of the Foundation are objected to the improvement of journalism, especially in the field of the investigative journalism, which is the purpose of this Foundation as well as rewarding of journalists according the contest and the rules which will be precisely defined in the Book of regulations and it will be published in media.

Article 4.

The initial capital of the Foundation is €1.000,00 (a thousand).

Article 5.

The Head of the Managing Board and the representative of the Foundation is the establisher Vojin Jovanovic whose authorized representative is his mother Slavica Jovanovic, address no. 32. Jerevanska St. Podgorica.

Article 6.


Mihailo Raznatovic, address no. 18. Njegoseva St Cetinje
Ranko Raickovic, address no. 14. Miljana Vukova St Podgorica
Snezana Raickovic, address no. 14. Miljana Vukova St Podgorica
Jelena Novakovic, address no.7 IX Crnogorske St Podgorica

In Podgorica, 06th May 2007. ESTABLISHER

Vojin Jovanovic
Authorized representative
Slavici Jovanovic