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P r e a m b l e

Three years has passed since the 27th May 2004., when my father was assassinated by the hand which didn't allow the father and the son to meet. It would be the moment which I could remember through the stories, but I still wasn't born.

The time which comes will not erase the grief and the pain which I and my mother feel, but it will also not erase the memories of the great character and work of the man who will never be forgotten.

By establishing of the Foundation we will show all the strength and wisdom of the Njegos' proverb "Blessed is he whose name lives forever. A good reason had he to be alive!"

My father is alive and he lives. The God and justice will not allow his sacrifice to remain unpunished.

Three years after the death of my father I want to do something bright, something noble, human and progressive, and something that is worth of the memory of him.

The aims of foundation are supporting and developing free journalism and through that developing the democratic and justified society where, as well as in all developed countries, will govern Laws.


Article 1

The Statute of the Foundation regulates the following:

- the name and the Residence of the Foundation;
- the signet and the seal of the Foundation;
- the logo of the Foundation;
- the rules of the Foundation;
- interior organization of the Foundation;
- organs of the Foundation;
- goals and the activities of the Foundation;
- the financing of the Foundation;
- working quorum and deciding in the organs of the Foundation;
- cooperation with other non governmental organizations;
- dissolution and the liquidation of the Foundation;
- the changes of the Statute of the Foundation;

Article 2.

The Statute of the Foundation regulates all the relevant questions which are important for the activities and the work of the Foundation.


Article 3.

The name of the Foundation is: "Foundation Dusko Jovanovic".

The residence of the Foundation is Podgorica no 32. Jerevenska St.


Article 4.

The Foundation has its own signet and the seal.
The signet of the Foundation is in the shape of circle and it contains the name and the residence of the Foundation. The seal of the Foundation is in the shape of the square and it contains the name of the Foundation, the sign for the registration number and the line for date..


Article 5.

The Foundation has its Logo.
The Managing board regulates the Logo.
The Logo is protected.


Article 6.

The Managing Board of the Foundation creates the special rules (general articles) which are used to regulate the work of the Foundation and the model of allocating the financial means of the Foundation.


Article 7.

The Foundation works on the territory of the Republic of Montenegro.