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Was born on 7th February 1971 in Podgorica where she graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1993. She passed the judicial exam in 1997. She is a member of Montenegrin Bar Association. She is a co-owner of the newspaper with the highest circulation in Montenegro, the daily Dan and the representative of the Foundation.

  • The word of the representative

As well as love always wins I am sure that in Montenegro the idea of free and just society will win. The sequence of the events is clear. Someone has to pay. The one, who I loved most, has paid. That love will give me the strength and will lead me further in the realization of the ideas for which my Dusko gave life.

“Maybe I should hate them, but I can not.
I don’t have two hearts, one for hate, and the other for
love. The one I have, knows only for grief…

My prayer and my forfeit, my life and my
death, all that belong to God, the world’s creator.
But my grief belongs just to me.

Lord…give me the strength not to be poisoned by hate.

We live on the earth just one day, or less.
Give me the strength to forgive. One who forgives is
the greatest one. And I know, I cannot forget”

Mesa Selimovic