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On 27th May 2013 the Foundation Dusko Jovanovic awarded the prizes for contribution and development of investigative journalism in Montenegro. On the ninth anniversary of the murder of Dan’s editor-in-chief Mr Dusko Jovanovic, the prizes were awarded to journalists of Dan and Vijesti TV Mr Marko Vesovic and Mr Sead Sadikovic as well as to MANS Investigative Centre. On behalf of MANS Investigative Centre, the executive director of that NGO Mr Dejan Milovac received the prize.

Mr Marko Vesovic, Dan’s incisive pen, wrote many articles on illegal resale of weapons, the Snimak affair and the trial for cigarette smuggling in Bari which recommended him for the prize. He disclosed a lot of analysis from the international circles which threw a new, more realistic light on dynamics and quality of European integration of Montenegro, proving that the perception of ourselves was quite different from the way others saw us.

Mr Vesovic proudly dedicated the prize for contribution and development of investigative journalism to his newspaper and its editors.

-          It is difficult to find the right words to describe how I feel and what this means to me. Dan is my first employer, I have grown there and because of that I would like to share this prize with all the people I have been working with. I would like to mention Mr Mladen Milutinovic, Mrs Slavica Jovanovic, Mr Nikola Markovic and Ms Rajka Raicevic, and not forget anyone. I dedicate this prize to all who have supported me to climb higher up the career ladder- Mr Vesovic said.

By finding a lot of evidence against the most powerful and the most notorious people in the country, MANS showed what has been known for a long time but never said aloud – the organized crime can never be stronger or more successful than free and democratic society. In that name, MANS is ready to disclose everything that can unmask corruption and crime, publicly expose them, knowing they don’t stand a chance against Dan. Being part of MANS Investigative Centre means always pushing the envelope.

Director of MANS Investigative Centre (MANS abbr. the Network for Affirmation of the NGO Sector) Mr Dejan Milovac said that it was an honour to receive the prize from the Foundation bearing the name of Dusko Jovanovic.

-          In MANS we would rather receive criticism than praise but this time is different. Dusko Jovanovic was a journalist who left the great task not only to NGOs but to all free journalists who want to change things. Investigative journalists are people who believe in truth and they won’t retreat before organized crime and pressures – Mr Milovac stated.

Proof that the true investigative journalism doesn’t pick topics but its actuality is best shown through the work of Vijesti TV journalist Mr Sead Sadikovic, the author of the show “Without Borders”. Besides the courage to say something important, Mr Sadikovic has brought a new quality to investigative journalism. When watching his show, one can get the impression that everyone can be both an extraordinary journalist and a great ethicist– which is far from the truth. He has established professional standards which he easily carries. On the occasion of winning the prize, Mr Sadikovic said that he was honoured by it and that the Foundation Dusko Jovanovic award obliges him by its name which would be remembered as the name of a period in journalism on the bridge between two millenniums.

-          It is a great honour and satisfaction to be the winner of this prize. Together with my colleagues from Vijesti TV, I am a little stone at the base of the monument which future generations will observe- Mr Sadikovic said.

The Charters and the prize fund of 1,000 euros for each of them were handed out by director of the Foundation Mrs Slavica Jovanovic with a message that “a word speaks, a word governs and only a word can kill”.

-          The crime that happened on 27th May 2004 at the doorsteps of the daily Dan when its editor-in-chief Dusko Jovanovic was murder marked this government and it will hang like a sword over their heads – Mrs Jovanovic said.

Editor-in-chief of the daily Dan Mr Mladen Milutinovic said that the people working at Dan were youths when he and Mr Jovanovic embarked on the project of establishing an independent print media. He stressed that he was proud because the vision of free journalism they had started was slowly beginning to develop.

Deputy editor-in-chief of the daily Dan Mr Nikola Markovic said these prizes demonstrated that investigative journalism was regarded as special, rare, unusual and courageous.