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Slavica Jovanovic was born on 7th February 1971 in Podgorica where she graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1993. She passed the judicial exam in 1997. She is a member of Montenegrin Bar Association. She is a co-owner of the newspaper with the highest circulation in Montenegro, the daily Dan and the representative of the Foundation.

Blagota Mitrić has been a long-time professor at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica. He graduated in 1968, he earned the title Master of Law in 1978 and got his PhD in 1983 from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade.

Subject of his scientific research was “Private international law: Implementation of law in relations to foreign element, internal conflict of law in federal states and in the last ten years State-legal regulation of relations in federations”.

He has published several books and hundreds of scientific papers. He was the Vice - Dean and the Dean of the Faculty of Law in Podgorica and the president of Constitutional Court of Montenegro.

Among other things, he now works as a lawyer.

Olivier Basille is a long – time director of Reporters without Borders for the Balkans and the EU. Just after the graduation, he started his career as a journalist in Brussels. He came into focus of Montenegrin public after Reporters Without Borders, the famous international organization for media freedoms, released the report which ranked Montenegro among the lowest European countries regarding media freedoms. Basille firmly defended the report although the Government of Montenegro expressed different accusations.

Verica Spasovska was born in FYR Macedonia and has been a long-time journalist for German DW Radio. She studied Slavic Studies at the University of Cologne. She carved out her career in journalism firstly as a volunteer in Deutsche Welle.

Today, Verica Spasovska is head of Deutsche Welle's Central and Southeast Europe service.

Nick Davies has been named journalist of the year, reporter of the year and feature writer of the year because of his investigations of crime, drugs, poverty and other social problems. Hundreds of reporters in Britain, China, Germany India and South Africa, have attended his one-on-one master class in the skills of investigative work.

He has been a journalist since 1976, working as a freelancer and regularly as a special correspondent for the Guardian and the Observer. He has worked on television documentaries. Also, he has published books: White Lies, investigating a racist miscarriage of justice in Texas; Dark Heart, uncovering the scale and origins of UK poverty; Flat Earth News, which won the first Bristol Festival of Ideas book award. It is now being translated into Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Chinese.

He has won many awards, including the Martha Gellhorn award for investigative reporting as well as the awards for European Journalism. In November 2009, the University of Westminster made him an honorary fellow ‘for services to journalism’.

Davies has made documentaries for ITV's World in Action, also as a reporter for The Guardian, he was responsible for uncovering the News of the World phone hacking affair which made him one of the best-known people of British journalism. He claimed that the News of the World journalists hacked into private mobile phones to get ideas for their articles.