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A man looks like the God to himself in three occasions:
When his son is born,
When he understands and accepts the Christ,
When he resigns to his own sacrificing for justice.

Bishop Nikolaj Velimirovic

 Duško Jovanović

The director and the chief editor of the daily Dan

Dusko Jovanovic was born in Podgorica on the 10th February 1964. He completed the elementary school in Piperi, Drezga, and the secondary school in Podgorica where he also graduated the Laws.
In the '90ies he begun to work in the state administration as a financial officer in the Ministry of finance of Montenegro, and then as the head of the Financial police in Niksic and Podgorica. In 1996. he was nominated for the director of the Department of Public Revenue. He was dismissed from that function in 1997. after the splitting of the united Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

On the elections 1998, as the member of the Socialist People's Party (SNP), he was elected in the Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro.
With his speeches in the Parliament he was recognized as one of the strictest critics of the regime. During that period until the last day of his life he honestly interceded in behalf of truth and justice.

Short after the splitting in SNP, Jovanovic withdrew from the politics and dedicated himself to editing the daily Dan.

By publishing the stories about many affairs which were striking Montenegro, he succeeded to make Dan the most popular newspaper for a short period of time.

He spoke English and Italian.

He left after wife Slavica and son Vojin who was born 26 days after his death on the 23rd June 2004.