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NGO "Duško Jovanović" Foundation announces a


for the awarding of the journalistic award "Duško Jovanović" in the field of investigative journalism in 2019.


Ø  The award was established in memory of Duško Jovanović, a brave journalist and a persistent pursuer of investigative journalism on the territory of Montenegro. By awarding a prize, we want to motivate journalists to make their contribution to fulfill the basic missions of the media, which is to point out in a professional, true and brave manner the problems of corruption, organized crime and issues of public interest.

Ø  The prize consists of the Charter of the Foundation and a cash fund of 10,000.00 EUR. The first prize is 5,000.00 EUR, the second is 3,000.00 EUR, and the third prize is 2.000,00 EUR.

Ø  The competition is open in the period from 1st of April 2019, until 30th of April 2019.

Ø  Journalists who have been publishing their works in the media (press, TV, radio, portal or electronic publication) in some of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, have the right to participate in the period from April 30th of 2015, until the April 30th of 2019.

Required documentation:

Ø  filled in application form,

Ø research work written in one of the languages that are in official use in Montenegro (Montenegrin, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian).

For print media, a scanned page of the media in which the text is published or a link through which the medium in which the text is accessed can be delivered. It is mandatory to see the logo of the newspaper, the author's signature and the date of publication. For TV / Radio / Online, a link is provided, through which the story can be viewed or played.

The maximum length of the attachment is 30 minutes. If the enclosure lasts longer, the author is obliged to shorten it, and the link of the entire attachment can be sent with other documentation.

Ø  confirmation of the media, signed by the editor or director, with information on when and where the attachment or the text was published (Application form and media confirmation form downloaded to the website of the foundation The jury will decide on the award until May 15, and the award ceremony will be held on 27th of May 2019, at the anniversary day of the murder of Duško Jovanović.

Complete the documentation in electronic form at the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

On behalf of the Foundation "Duško Jovanović"
Slavica Jovanović